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Prestige Posters

2018 Prestige Poster - Linda Lemon Elephants 2018

Ref. D22

Calendar size: 800mm (h) x 500mm (w)
Ad copy size: 90mm (h) x 430mm (w)

Depicting themes from the Prestige Multi-sheet range as well as antique maps, these posters are printed on heavy art paper for added stature. An ideal reference tool for the office with a 15-month date pad including SA public holidays and school terms.

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Elephant - Linda Lemon D22A


 Antique World Map D22B


Antique Africa Map Colour D22C

2018 Prestige Poster - Linda Lemon Elephants 2018  P.P. ANTIQUE WORLD MAP 2017  P.P. ANTIQUE  MAP AFRICA COL 2017


Antique Africa Map Sepia D22D


 Leopard Motivational D22E


 Kenmo Lake Motivational D22H

P.P. Ancient Map 2017  2018 P.P. LEOPARD 2018  2018 P.P. KENMO LAKE 2018


 Karoo - L. Audie D22G