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Why calendars, diaries and notebooks?

Your client relations are one of the biggest drivers of your business’ success – one that needs continual attention and investment. Calendars, diaries and notebooks remain such a popular marketing medium due to the fact that they enrich business relationships by making a personal connection with clients, offer an ideal opportunity for branding, and they fulfil this role throughout the year!


The art of calendar, diary and notebook gifting.

The art of successful corporate gifting lies in extending an item that appeals to the contemporary business person and simultaneously offers functionality; an item that increases brand awareness while making a positive statement about your company. Calendars, diaries and notebooks are indispensable business tools; the means by which we structure our daily work. When you give a client a personalised calendar, notebook or diary your name is associated with the tools that drive business forward.

Calendars, diaries & notebooks are still relevant in the digital age.

The popularity of calendars, diaries and notebooks continues to endure despite the increasing use of technology, with their ubiquity in the business arena proving that they are remarkably impervious to the digital age. Electronic calendars and planners may be easily available, but wander through any business office and it quickly becomes apparent that the traditional version remains a desirable planning aid.

Why choose Associated Group products?

Our range annually offers breathtaking photography, impeccable quality and stylish finishes that is bound to impress. The proven high quality of our calendars, diaries and notebooks enhances the functionality of your gift with sophistication. But it is not only the visual impact and quality of an Associated product that is the reason to choose us! Our track record of sound customer relationships and on-time deliveries stretches back over more than 70 years. Associated Industries is still the only calendar publisher with its own finishing plant dedicated to manufacturing only our calendars, which means that we have total control over all the key production processes. We have developed a southern African network to serve southern African customers so that we are wherever you are, including offices in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Tanzania.